Thursday, October 16, 2008

Foreign money

The children found a bag filled with foreign money. It was my brother Mike's bag of money from the countries he visited. What fun our kids had examining it, discovering what countries the coins and bills were from, sorting it all out, trying to figure its worth, weighing the coins, and imagining all of his travels.
There's money from England, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Netherlands, France, Italy, Mexico, and Canada. There's even a U.S.A. penny from 1916. Cool! (It's also the time period we're currently studying!)
Their comments as they went through the money:

"He has a very interesting collection of money. The only other coins that I've seen with printing on the edges, like his coins from Greece, France and Germany, are my U.S.A. Presidential $1 coins that I've gotten from the tooth fairy!"

"I wonder if he ever knew how much all this money was worth."

"I've never seen anything like this!"
--Mary Kate

"How did he even get all of this money going to all the different places?"
Thanks, Big Brother! I hope you can see how much your nieces and nephews you never met are enjoying your collection!

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l e a h said...

Your eldest is so insightful.

As far as certain aspects of my memory are concerned...yes; my husband says it's unnatural. I have problems remembering details of movies I watched (even mere hours after I've watched them), so I guess it all balances out.