Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kids: creating lunch and homeschooling their mother

Mary Kate made a butterfly lunch for herself today. Then she asked me to take a picture of it. Hmmm, blogumenting our lives is starting to rub off on her.The other kids wanted sailboat sandwiches. I got the sailboat idea from Kristin in this post.They didn't feel like embellishing them today.

Kathleen decided to make her own fruit and veggie sailboat scene instead.
I've found when we make lunch critters and creations with our food, our kids usually eat better, talk a lot more during lunch (maybe not always a good thing), and start all kinds of interesting conversations.

As I listen to them, I keep wondering, "Where do they get this stuff?"

I just received a box in the mail as we were sitting down for lunch. Kathleen carried it in the house, looked at it and said, "Oh, it weighs 11 pounds. That's the same as the heaviest lemon."

Me: "What? There is an 11-pound lemon?"

Kathleen: "Yeah, some Asian farmer grew it."

Me: "Really? Where did you learn that?"

Kathleen: "We read about it in one of our magazines."

Then, after I was reading something about St. Patrick, Kathleen asked, "Mom, when was St. Patrick born?"

Me (after looking it up): "He was born around 385 A.D."

Kathleen: "Wow, that was almost 1,000 years before spectacles were even invented!"

Me: "Uh, I guess so. When were spectacles invented?"

Kathleen: "Around 1300."

Me: "Hmmm...where did you learn that?"

Kathleen: "That's what it said at one of the museums in Canada. It showed a big slice of tree with its rings, and it pointed to the years that things happened in history."

Mikey (chiming in): "Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt used to carry 12 pairs of glasses with him when he went to war? He put them in every pocket of his uniform so if he lost a pair, he'd have another--so he'd always be able to see."

Me: "Oh, yeah."

Thank you, kids, for homeschooling your mom...and making me feel better just when I was wondering if you were learning enough!


l e a h said...


I love your kids! Smarties...all of 'em!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Your lunches look much more creative, though! And I love the kids' conversation; that is refreshing!