Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

We have lots of little people stuff around our house. With four young children, I guess it comes with the territory (and oftentimes takes over the territory). Around here, when the "small stuff" is on the floor, it is referred to as "people rollers." When it is shoved in a drawer, I consider it in transitional housing (in waiting for the round file). I found a big stash of said stuff in a drawer I was going through this morning. The collage (below) is just a handful among numerous handsful of the small stuff that I am not allowed to "make disappear"--yet. Hmmm. Now I forgot what I was actually searching for in the drawer.

If you're wondering about any of the items, please continue reading. If not, please just say a quick prayer for me. Thanks!

Upper Left--ball of wax from a round of consumed cheese
Mary Kate: "No Mom, don't get rid of my sculpting wax. I still like to make things with it."
You can see her fine work with this wax at the bottom of this post.

Upper Middle
Jimmer: "Mom, we just got these vampire teeth. Don't get rid of them...and don't put them away with the other Halloween decorations either because I want to wear them."

Upper Right
Mary Kate: "I still have my doll, Annabelle, so we can't throw away that part that came off her neck."

Middle Left
Mikey: "Mom, that's not garbage. We use it to trap bugs and watch them."

Kathleen: "I made that smoke pipe for our stuffed animals, Mom. If I put little bits of paper in it, it can also be a confetti blower! Don't throw it away yet."

Middle Right--rubber band wrapped around a toothpick
Mikey: "Don't throw that away. It's a handy tool. Sometimes I need something pointy, and sometimes I need rubber bands to hold things together."

Lower Left--Knitting spool cord (made by Mary Kate)
The kids still make snakes, snails, and who knows what else with it. It's been around for at least three years.

Lower Middle--rock
Mary Kate: "Mom, that's my favorite best skipping rock I found at Hamilton pool. That's a rare rock to find."

Lower Right--cloaking device and (hopefully not underwear but) hat.
Jimmer: "I made the outfit for (stuffed TY pet) Iggy. It's the first outfit I made myself."

This stuff is priceless to the kids. I'll try not to sweat the small long as my drawer will still close!


t h a i t r a i t said...

This is HILARIOUS! Oh...the doll neck...I am still laughing! I thought it was a slice of faux cheese!

Renee said...

That is funny how kids think things are treasure and we think they are trash. HA HA!!! I am so glad you named all it, because I sure didn't know