Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I see...icy!

Icy berries

Icy leaf duo

Icy leaf.

(Couldn't quite capture his) Icy breath

Icy pea a clump

I see another icy leaf.

Icy hoops goal

We now have a freezer full of ice shapes to show Dad when he gets home!

At least the ice isn't as thick as it was a couple of years ago...
(Jan '07)

...when we had 27 inch icicles hanging from our deck!


BrasherGirl said...

I know ice can cause a myriad of problems, but it is so beautiful!

Kristin said...

When did it get cold there? I still think of your Christmas tree pics in shorts and t-shirts. :)

L a u r a said...

Normal temps here for this time of year are 60 (high). So, it's just an unusual cold snap. Okay, I shouldn't write "cold" since Angela may catch me. It's just a nice "cool" snap!

Renee said...

Oh Wow! I didn't know that yall got ice. Those are some really good pictures. I told Luke that for next Christmas, I want a very nice camera.