Friday, March 27, 2009

A Boy's Passion

If you want to see Mikey get excited... him a big truck.

After he and Kathleen returned from getting the mail the other day, Mike came rushing into the house asking to use the camera and go back to the neighborhood park where this truck was parked.

After begging Kathleen go back with him, he made her stand in on this one for a good reference.

This is what makes Mikey tick.

It's certainly not the biggest truck he's seen, but this one wasn't moving. Fair game for close study.

A ten year old's thrill.

No details left unnoticed.


Er...not sure.

Mikey's untouched photos--images undoubtedly imprinted in his mind.

Before he saw the pictures he took, he quickly drew this sketch...lest he forget all the fresh details.

Truthfully, I'm a little surprised that he didn't write in all the numbers from the shocks and tires. Must've had to go do something urgent or pressing like ride his scooter or pop some wheelies.

A boy's passion... carefree days.



BrasherGirl said...

I guess everything IS bigger in Texas!

Angela said...

Oh No, Laura. Look what you've done. Turned him into a true Texan... a TRUE Texan!

Kristin said...

Is this a preview of what is to come for me? Oh, well. I can think of a lot of obsessions that would be MUCH worse! Good for him for being so passionate and artistic to boot! :)

Renee said...

He took some good pics for a 10 yr old.