Sunday, May 24, 2009

3-Ring Circus

May usually seems a bit crazy with all the end-of-year activities--even if our kids don't even go to school. Contrary to what some people may think of homeschoolers, we don't live in a bubble...although being in a bubble seems quite appealing at times!

Today, it was feeling like a little 3-ring circus of activity. Dad was cutting the boys' hair (no pix).

Kathleen was practicing on her unicycle (sans juggling act).

Cleaning and tuning violins, practicing songs...a violin recital.

Bike jumping.

Front yard tackle football.

Now watching...Flipper (1963 original).

What does your 3-ring circus look like?


mrs boo radley said...

WTG on the unicycle, Kathleen! I surely would have fractured something had I tried that.

I love MK's outfit! Cute skirt.

My circus--right now we're finishing up putting the rest of our flagstone in...and tossing bags of soil to fill in around the stone--I carried the bags above my head to get a bit of an arm workout. Oof. The biggest workout is getting up after crouching down to set all those stones. Major head rush! Woo!

Now it's time to sweep and vacuum!

Angela said...

I just love your family. You are so active and creative and always doing neat things... a unicycle??? That is so cool!! Oh, how badly I wish we were neighbors! Life around here has been a bit of a 3 ring circus, too. We have all these end of the year recitals coming up (ballet, piano, American Heritage girls ceremony)- plus regular lessons like swimming and ballet and piano and soccer twice a week for BOTH kids!! So- yeah- pretty busy and my kids are only 6 and younger!!! At some point, I'll have to make them choose less when there are more kids old enough to do activities!