Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Home for their Dolls

When Mary Kate went to visit Gramma in California, she got busy in the workshop with Mr. Merle. In fact, the day she got there I received a phone call about the girls' doll measurements, etc.

This is what was eventually sent back to our home.

Thank you, Merle!
You have no idea how much ALL the kids love this house.

Now the girls' dolls have a home of their very own.

They can even go on a picnic the girls prepared for them.

The basket is packed with meat & cheese as well as avocado & tomato sandwiches (that Kathleen crocheted).

Take a looksie inside.

Kathleen made a bedside table with a vase.

Merle added such nice homey touches such as clothes hooks,

picture frames, a door sign, and flower boxes.

Jimmer thought that the house should have protection from the vast wilderness--our game room--so oftentimes, Chimpy sits with this (cardboard) rifle on the chair Jimmer made for the dollhouse. Jimmer wants to put hooks above the door to hold the rifle...just like Pa did.

A cozy little home.


mrs boo radley said...

Check out those sammiches! They should sell their creations on Etsy!

Kris said...

And I thought I was the only oddball that ate tomato and avocado sandwiches. Spread a little hummus in there, too. Yum!

Angela said...

That is just beautiful!! I want one for myself ;) Grace has one American doll and it's the same one in your picture!

Kristin said...

*sigh*...I would love it if my boys were into dollies of any kind. Is that wrong?!? ;)