Wednesday, May 20, 2009

O-O-Oat Containers :: Kid-Made Pulleys and Shelves.

This is what happened at our house while I took an important 40 minute phone call.

The kids raided my catch-all closet. You may know the one...with everything from vases to hand towels to wrapping paper to craft items to light bulbs.

Then, when I was actually finished with my call, I was asked to heed the "do not disturb" sign on Mikey and Jimmer's door for a few minutes...before I could see what they had been up to.

When they allowed me to enter, this is what I found.

Yes, a pulley system that Mikey can operate from his top bunk.

To surprise incoming boys' room guests...

...with a shower of paper confetti.

The girls created more functional needs.

A shelving system with covered cubby holes for Kathleen's top bunk.

Mary Kate thought her tiger should be separated from her other, less wild, stuffed friends.

I guess there were no more tubes left for Jimmer, but he assisted Mikey with his mechanical system.


mrs boo radley said...

So innovative! I loved this kind of stuff when I was younger. Now I think it's sheer brilliance...

BrasherGirl said...

What great ideas! You've got four creative, clever, and thrifty children!

Kristin said...

Okay, my children would have torn the closet apart and screamed loudly from every item hitting their noggins if I took a 40 minute phone call. Your kids design pulley systems and organizational tools. No, really, I'm not jealous. ;)

Kris said...

Too funny, and so very creative. I love those few moments, and they are very rare in our house, when the boys actually work together and put something surprisingly wonderful together!