Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Roast

After we said our goodbyes to Uncle Chris and took him to the airport =( we headed to the pig roast.

(In the background is a painting my great aunt did of my grandma.)

Mr. Merle had been roasting since 6 AM.

Mary Kate found a card-playing buddy.

I had fun meeting some of Gramma's friends.

A lady who cans everything she grows gave us plum jam and brought homemade applesauce from the fruits of her 10 apple trees.

Our kids love to hear about centenarians. This gentleman's mother just passed away a couple of weeks ago--the day before her 105th birthday. He's 85 himself. He's even a UT Longhorn from the late 40s.

The son of the 1939 World's Fair headless woman.

Shortly after her headless stint, a newspaper reported that the "Headless Woman Has Two Heads" when they found out she was expecting her son.

The guy in the red hat was protected by the secret service for years after retiring. He had a pretty cool job.

Interesting stories from the few people I had the chance to visit with. Makes me wonder about all the fantastic stories from those I missed.

Another trip...

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Renee said...

Wow, I would have loved to be there to hear about those stories also.

We have a friend in FL that will be100 on May 31st.