Tuesday, August 30, 2011

III rings in XI

Each year on her birthday, we're reminded of MK's sweetness. It usually starts with her birthday list full of very simple requests. This year, she asked for:

pocket knife,
chicks or a rat,
laser pointer,
dangly earrings,
treasure hunt,
sleep over and movie night with friends.

She also made a sweet treat leap by requesting a tasty dessert rather than a kiddie eye-catching cake. Her choice:
a brownie cheesecake.

Ever since the kids started reading, they really look forward to their birthday gift treasure hunts.

They tear all over the house searching for gifts with silly clues written in verse.

I figure it's an even trade for their time-consuming fun cakes!

She's always happy with the simplest of gifts.

It's refreshing to know that life still can be happily simple.

Ordinary can be extraordinary!

Search, searching

New bling

New thready craft

Happy 11th Birthday, MK Me Me Cocoa Butter Carrot Flibber-a-loo.

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maryh said...

Happy Belated Birthday, MK! Thanks for sharing her day via all the photos, Laura. The brownie cheesecake looks heavenly.

Have a great time in Seattle!