Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Amazing Blazing Bows!

Yee haw, it was the kids' first violin performance--ever! Well, I guess I should call it a fiddle performance (besides a couple of classical selections). Before our long vacation last month, we were told that we'd have a performance the first Saturday we return. We didn't realize that it was at such a big event here in town--at the Austin Family Music Festival!Our kids all did well...considering they just learned all the songs last week after we returned from our vacation! While Jimmer sat out a couple of feature songs, he twisted and contorted his fingers with another little boy in the group. It was a nice shady stage, and they got some special treatment along the way. We got picked up in a golf cart to give us a ride to the stage. This is when I told the driver that the last time any of us were in a golf cart, it rolled over. He assured us we wouldn't roll, and we didn't! As a bonus, we got to hear lots of other performers at the festival. Kelly Willis and her husband, Bruce Robison were one of the bigger bands there. They are well-known country musicians in this area. They were kind enough after the performance to let us get a picture of them with our kids--after our kids' first official violin performance! The Biscuit Brothers (kids' musicians) were also a headliner there. The kids' just loved some of their silly music!

A video clip of their performance--playingJoe Turner Blues.


l e a h said...

Oh, so glad you posted a video! When I first scrolled through the photos I was like "I wish I could hear them playing"...and there was the video!

Looks like fun. I love strings.

Renee said...

Wow, that was AWESOME! So did you cry when you heard them play? Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...
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