Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Straight from Jimmer's mouth

Jimmer's explanation:

"I was walking around the kitchen with my icy in my mouth. Suddenly I bent over and hit my icy on Mikey's bottom, and then my tooth shot out like a rocket."

Jimmer's first tooth came out after Mary Kate's foot somehow knocked it out (I still don't know how that all happened). Mikey helped his 2nd one come out. When I brought this to Jimmer's attention, he said:

"Yeah, Kathleen might knock out the next one with her head!"

Here's his new look...although his face is a bit distorted in this picture.See Mikey in the background with his green icy?

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l e a h said...

My brother's first tooth fell out when we were at the mall and I jumped off a concrete half-wall...he jumped too, and there was blood blood blood everywhere.

I felt bad.

He was three!

I think we went to the ER after that. I remember going home and drinking apple juice out of a plastic cup...I remember staring into that cup, and I felt really horrible that he didn't execute his landing with the same grace as his extremely coordinated, agile big sister.