Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let the Outdoor Swim Season Begin

No way. You just can't get a child to ignore the "Pool Open" sign for too long.

So, off they went with Dad, and

took a dip in the pool.

They won't admit it too readily, but they were pretty cold.

Don't they look cold?

That didn't stop them from staying in the water for 20 minutes.

They took the plunge this year more than a month earlier than last year...although I think that had more to do with Mary Kate not being cleared to swim after her surgery until the end of April.

But still, the water wasn't as cold today as it was when they went swimming in Lake Tahoe a couple of years ago in May when the water was only in the 40s.


They're all crazy.

I'll just hang onto my camera and stay clear of the water!


mrs boo radley said...


Swim season?!

No way.

I am wearing a vest and a sweatshirt and a fleece blanket over my head right now. No lie. Boo just grilled on our deck and the sliding door was open too long and now I'm fa-reezing.

BrasherGirl said...

You're right... that is crazy, and I don't blame you for staying clear of the water!

I can't imagine going swimming here in March. My parents always open their pool in May, but I am usually not comfortable with the temperature of the water until Mid-July. That's when it is finally nice and warm, just the way I like it.

Goodness, it makes me cold even looking at your photos!

L a u r a said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who thinks the rest of my family is crazy! =)

I consider our unheated neighborhood pool comfortably warm enough to swim somewhere around the beginning of June.

Kristin said...

Umm...this is just cruel and unusual punishment, Laura. The high today here is 43 degrees, and I was happy about that. :)

Angela said...

They are all crazy, I tell ya- those kids! I am like you. I stick to the sidelines. You aren't going to see me in water unless it's at least 83 degrees! I'm a total baby!!

L a u r a said...

Kristin, maybe it was cruel and unusual punishment to have our kids stay in the pool that long.

Angela, NOW you're talking like a Texan...or is that Floridian? Definitely not a Minnesotan! =)